Petz Mascot Club

One of my favorite trends on old petz sites was the site mascot. This was a particularly special and beloved pet that would be featured prominently across the site. They would usually have at least a full page dedicated just to them, sharing fun facts and details about their lives, their families and their individual quirks. Some of them even had their own fan clubs, with a little assortment of graphics that you could put on your own site to show your love of that particular mascot.

I miss having these celebrity petz in the community, so I created this clique to try and bring it back! There are several way you can participate:

Like Mascots?

Help you yourself to one of these graphics that proclaim your love of petzy mascots. Just make sure to host this image on your own page and link it back here, the standard clique stuff.

Have a Mascot?

Then let me know! Simply fill out the form below, and email it to me at, or DM me on petzcord/RKC/whiskerwick (I'm skissors pretty much everywhere) and I'll add your pet to this page!

  • your name:
  • your site:
  • mascot's name:
  • one fun fact about the mascot:
  • link to the mascot's page: (optional)
  • and please also attach a photo of the mascot
Famous Mascots of the Past
These are a few petz mascots I personally remember from petz sites long gone by. If you remember any I missed, let me know and I'll add them to this page.


Sniffy is one of the oldest petz mascot I could find. He was the mascot of Sara's Petz Homepage. He usually wears his iconic yellow crown, which in my foggy memories turning into all mascot petz usually wearing crowns, though my research has shown this not to be the case

Fun fact: Sniffy was once voted most popular pet 3 times in a row

Read more about Sniffy


Fuzzy is probably one of the most well-remembered Petz mascots. He was the mascot of Velvet Pawz, a website also well known for their Petzies clique

Fun fact: Fuzzy was actually the host of more than one site. He used to be the host of Petz Flower Valley, before he hosted Velvet Pawz

Read more about Fuzzy


Fug is the mascot of Sand'z Cattery. He's an example of the "he's totally not hexed idk what happened guys" style of mascot, which used to be quite popular back in the day. (sidenote: anyone else remember Corona dalis?)

Fun fact: Fug has not one, but two breedfiles based upon his strange appearance. You can download them here.

Read more about Fug
Current Petz Mascots


Of course, what sort of mascot fan would I be if I didn't have my own mascot? If you've made it this far you've surely met Jack, the official mascot of Alive Enough.

Fun fact: Jack and I share the same birthday, October 17th

Read more about Jack

Bentley II

Bentley II is the mascot of Funfetti, owned by Bunni! He was named after the original Bentley, who sadly perished in a computer crash.

Fun fact: His favorite toy is the yellow rubber star ball!

Read more about Bentley II


Ute is Arie's personal petzy mascot. If you've ever visited Whiskerwick at all, you've probably seen her cute little face, as Arie has been using pictures of her as an avatar for as long as I can remember.

Fun fact: Ute was supposed to be an adoption, and only joined Arie's crew after going unadopted for a long time!

See some lovely art of Ute


Raffles belongs to Lobb of Folderol. Raffle's isn't technically the mascot Folderol; rather, he has a whole website dedicated to just to him!

Fun fact: Raffles has worked hard to become good at frisbee.

Read more about Raffles


Peter, owned by Nyro, is the mascot of PhantomBark Kennels! Nyro didn't initially plan on having a mascot, but after frequently using Peter out and about in community events, he sort of naturally fell into that role.

Fun fact: Peter is based off of one of Nyro's original characters, who is a dog version of a different character who was initially conceived to fill a minor role.


LD TCX ACCh Mona/Hemlighet's Beyond the Sea, also known as Marina, is the highly acclaimed mascot of Hemlighet. This champion kitty is owned by Sasha, and was the first pet at Hemlightet to be crowned a Legend, a impressive honor that very few petz reach.

Fun fact: Marina's nautical 'wizard style' texture was inspired by the babyz community! The idea was to combine themed pixel art, which is so prevalent in babyz hexies, with the more textured look so common in petzy hexies.