Meet our mascot, Jack!

Hello and welcome to Alive Enough, a site for all virtual and artificial petz! While primarily focused on the P.F. Magic Petz series of games for now, I hope to soon add content about all different sorts of virtual pets, including other virtual pet games like Nintendogs and Wobbledogs, robotic pets such as Aibo and Furby, and web based pets such as Neopets.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here and maybe learn something too.

-- skissors

Pet of the Update
Kurtz from Heather@HKC
2022/09/24: Added a few new widgets to the front page. Also added 1 pet to the mascot page, 2 articles, and 1 new litter!
2022/09/18: Added a crew page, with (most of) my bred petz listed. Go check it out! Also added 2 petz to the mascot club page, fixed the hit counter and alphabetically sorted the links and article pages
2022/09/08: Alive Enough is officially open! There are 4 litterz to adopt, along with a few other fun things to do.
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